Amalgam Mercury Poisoning Symptoms

Revolutionary & Unique Methods to Avoid Amalgam Mercury Poisoning    The negative, toxic effects of Amalgam mercury poisoning symptoms far outweigh any advantages provided. Amalgam fillings are made with several materials including liquid mercury. It is possible for the exposure to mercury to create effects that are fatal. Many people speak of the dangers of […]

Amalgam vs Composite Filling

Revolutionary & Unique Discoveries in the Debate Between Amalgam Mercury vs Composite Resin Fillings    When asked the question, Amalgam fillings vs composite fillings, which one do you want, one must consider that there are problems with composite resin fillings, I see them as the best of 2 bad options. This means, I prefer them […]

How I Heal Tooth Decay Naturally

Reversing Tooth Decay, is it Possible?    If you want to know how to heal tooth decay naturally, I might be able to help you by telling you what I do. I try to eat a reasonably healthy diet but I am still prone to eating sweet things occasionally….

How to Reverse Tooth Decay With Diet

Revolutionary & Unique Foods that Reverse Decay To be used when the decay is quite severe   I am going to describe a diet that can be used by people trying to heal tooth decay naturally when the decay is severe. This diet has been made with one thing in mind. all the items in […]