About Dave

About Dave


How this all started…

  My name is Dave and several years ago I read a book that told me that fluoride was bad for you. I am a naturally trusting person, so I believed what was in the book and stopped all fluoride in my diet.
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What happened then…

   In the following months, I needed 2 fillings and just after I got the second filling, I learned how to heal tooth decay using a special type of fish oil that reverses it. I wished I had of found out the information I am about the share with you before I got my fillings as having your natural teeth is so much better!!


  Your natural teeth are so much better due to the fact that fillings wear out over time. Some people even have reactions to the materials that fillings are made from and I have had one fall out and it is very painful until you get it replaced. I have since used it to reverse decay in some of my other teeth, so I know it works.

  Here is a link to a review regarding this fish oil I use to reverse decay and it also stops any new decay from forming.

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How I healed the decay in my teeth.

  I took the recommended dose of the fermented cod liver oil capsules (two per day) for approximately 4 weeks after finding out I had decay and at the next visit to the dentist, when I was scheduled to have the filling put in, the decay was gone.


The dentist’s reaction

The dentist didn’t understand, as this is completely out of their realm of thinking and they just said, “Oh, maybe I made a mistake last time when I looked at your teeth to tell you, you had tooth decay”.


   At this time, I was experiencing a great sense of satisfaction as I could explain something that they couldn’t.


   If you want to contact me, leave a comment and I will get back to you. Alternatively, you can email me if you prefer at dave@preventingtoothdecay.com.


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The cause of tooth decay

Use what I use



  1. Hello again Dave,  It's a nice site!  I would make the beginning header a different and more apealing colour. Otherwise not bad at all.  You are way ahead of myself; I "farmed" out my website and it is in the making.

    Another thing, about that fluoride bit.  Fluoride affects your brain if used over a long period of time and "dulls" the senses.  It was introduced in the sixties and by purpose, not to help theeth health but to dumb down the population and come up with what we have today as a "society"!

    I am sorry to have to put it  this blunt.  Fluoride only helps the teeth of young people up to twelve years old.  At least that is what I read in a report and it had been substantiated bt other reports.  Don't ask me which, I am not into this sort of thing much but I am into what happened since the 50's and 60's and how human kind ccame about and human kinds development over the not only centuries but thousands of years. as far back as 245,000 years.  That is what my website will be about!


    • Hi Mike, thanks for the comments on my site. I don’t want to get into an argument about whether fluoride is good or not on my site as I didn’t make it for that. I would much prefer to sit on the fence, so to speak as there is good/bad points on both sides. The main purpose of my site is to show people how I have reversed tooth decay.

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