Amalgam vs Composite Filling

Revolutionary & Unique Discoveries in the Debate Between Amalgam Mercury vs Composite Resin Fillings

   When asked the question, Amalgam fillings vs composite fillings, which one do you want, one must consider that there are problems with composite resin fillings, I see them as the best of 2 bad options. This means, I prefer them to the alternative of having amalgam fillings, due to the liquid mercury contained within amalgam fillings. Professional people insist on this mercury being safe but I don’t believe them. Big brother just wants to control what we believe. Read some of the mercury fillings side effects here.

1. The main disadvantage of composite resin fillings is that they do not last as long as amalgam fillings under the pressure of chewing. Therefore, I have been trying to chew with my other teeth or whenever I have something hard to bite through, I use my front teeth as my fillings are in my molars.

amalgam fillings vs composite resin fillings

This is to help to try and preserve my composite resin fillings by minimising the chewing I need to do and not using my molars for crunching through food.

  1. You might say, why not just wait for them to wear out, then get new ones. I know this reason as they told me when I needed my fillings. The reason is that when they put new composite resin fillings in, they must scratch the surface of the remaining tooth, and I am not sure how much tooth is left after they drilled it away. Therefore I am unsure what would happen if they had to keep scratching the tooth until there was none left, following many fillings.Amalgam fillings vs composite fillings2. One last disadvantage is that it s possible for the composite resin filling to shrink after being placed. This can create gaps between the filling and the tooth, which can result in more cavities in places where there is not a good contact between the two.
  1. I have been to the dentist since this filling and I didn’t understand why I had some decay in my teeth, when I had been brushing my teeth with fluoride toothpaste. I had not been using the Green pastures, Fermented Cod Liver Oil at the time and this would of stopped the decay forming behind my fillings. I know this works as I have reversed more decay using this product since my fillings were put in.

You have read my research and you have tooth decay.

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