Prolonged Pain after Tooth Extraction

  Tooth Extractions – Cause & Effect: Revolutionary & Unique Treatments   What is a tooth extraction? A tooth extraction involves taking out or removing a tooth from the socket in the bone where it is seated. The very act of performing a tooth extraction can result in prolonged pain being a by-product. The main …


Drugs that Make your Teeth Rot

Drugs that Make your Teeth Rot Revolutionary & Unique Methods to Stop Drugs Ruining your Teeth Drug abuse or taking some form of drug, either legal or illegal, can create some very unfortunate side effects showing just how seriously, drugs can affect your teeth and health1. Dry mouth: causes, cures The main problem from many …


Amalgam Mercury Poisoning Symptoms

Revolutionary & Unique Methods to Avoid Amalgam Mercury Poisoning    The negative, toxic effects of Amalgam mercury poisoning symptoms far outweigh any advantages provided. Amalgam fillings are made with several materials including liquid mercury. It is possible for the exposure to mercury to create effects that are fatal. Many people speak of the dangers of …


Amalgam vs Composite Filling

Revolutionary & Unique Discoveries in the Debate Between Amalgam Mercury vs Composite Resin Fillings    When asked the question, Amalgam fillings vs composite fillings, which one do you want, one must consider that there are problems with composite resin fillings, I see them as the best of 2 bad options. This means, I prefer them …


How to Heal Tooth Decay Naturally

Reversing Tooth Decay, is it Possible?    If you want to know how to heal tooth decay naturally, I might be able to help you by telling you what I do. I try to eat a reasonably healthy diet but I am still prone to eating sweet things occasionally….