Guidelines Showing you How to Reverse Tooth Decay with Diet

Revolutionary & Unique Foods that Reverse Tooth Decay

  Here are some guidelines that show you how and need to be adhered to when trying to implement a strategy that aims to reverse tooth decay with diet.

best way to prevent tooth decay1. You must avoid all processed foods. Some examples of processed foods: 

      – Tinned Vegetables.

      – Breakfast cereals.

      – Bread.

      – Cheese.

      – Convenience foods such as take away meals or instant meals made using the microwave.

      – Savoury snacks, for instance, chips.

      – Drinks like soft drink or milk.

      – Sweets of all kinds

      – Bacon, and other, similar meat products1.

2. Foods that have been denatured must also be avoided

  Denatured foods have been structurally altered in someway. The proteins in foods are frequently altered by cooking, and therefore are denatured. For example, cooking eggs causes the egg whites to become firm and white, while cooking meat causes it to become firm and brown, as opposed to red and bloody2. You can read more about cell activity in protein structures here.

  3. If you have severe decay and want to quickly stop it spreading, you need to avoid all fruit.

Revoerse tooth decay with diet

  It is generally difficult to find high quality, fresh, ingredients but it is possible to obtain them. This can be done through farmers’ markets or directly from farms. This ensures that the foods have undergone no processing as you get them basically, straight out of the ground1. Consuming food items as fresh as this will help you in your struggle to reverse tooth decay with diet.

  If you find it hard to source these natural, fresh food items, I currently take a fish oil supplement that contains all the vitamins & nutrients that your teeth need to naturally repair themselves. It is not cheap, but you can’t really put a price on good health. If this is of interest to you, follow the link below.


  You are reading this and you might have some decay but you are interested in foods that naturally reverse tooth decay by the nutrients contained within them. If used properly, these foods will reverse tooth decay, but if you find this diet a bit too extreme and still want to eat some foods that this diet prohibits, I would recommend adding some fermented cod liver oil to your diet. I currently take this fish oil as it prevents and I have even used it to reverse tooth decay in the past. I have written a review that you can read by following one of the links below.


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1 Ramiel Nagel, Cure Tooth Decay – Remineralize cavities and repair your teeth naturally with good food.





  1. Dear Dave,
    Thank you for this wonderful information about reversing tooth decay naturally. When my dentist told me to stop eating fruits because of acid erosion, I was upset, as I consider fruits important part of good nutrition. I learnt a lot from your website. Do keep up the good work.

    • Hi Lanu,

      You’re welcome, I just want to help others with what I would of loved to of learnt before I needed my fillings.

      Fruit is good for you, but in moderation. I am in the process of writing a post on my site about fruit, when I get it finished, I will add a link in here for you to read.

  2. Thanks for the many information on how to reverse tooth decay, Dave. Your website is a pot of gold on the subject. I must say, I feel lucky as I haven’t got natural predisposition to decay, but then I went through the list of food types that you are supposed to avoid in order to keep away from decay, and I must say that doesn’t leave much to choose from of what is not bad for your teeth, does it. So, while I understand that the usual fizzy drinks, or sweets, or even ready meals, are not good for your tweets, and for so many other things, how do you explain that fruit is also not good? The sugars contained are not refined but natural, and also fruit is meant to be part of your 5 a day. Thank you. Giulia 🤗

    • Hi Giulia,

      Yes, so many of the products available today are no good for our teeth.

      Fruit is not bad for your teeth and I agree with you, the sugars in fruit are not refined, but natural. Fruit is part of a healthy diet and is good in moderation. It only becomes a problem when you already have tooth decay. If you do have decay, reducing your fruit intake is a wise thing to do, but if your decay is quite severe, totally avoiding fruit is even wiser.

      The 5 a day national campaigns, are aimed at getting consumers to eat more fruit and more vegetables. This is assuming the person in question is perfectly healthy and naturally, healthy people should eat fruit. It does not take into account if the consumer already has tooth decay. Even natural sugars can be bad for your teeth in certain situations, such as when the consumer already has severe tooth decay. I am in the process of writing a post on my site on this topic. When I get it finished, I will add a link in here so you can read it.


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