Amalgam Mercury Poisoning Symptoms

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   The negative, toxic effects of Amalgam mercury poisoning symptoms far outweigh any advantages provided. Amalgam fillings are made with several materials including liquid mercury. It is possible for the exposure to mercury to create effects that are fatal. Many people speak of the dangers of mercury but then still endorse the use of amalgam fillings, of which mercury is a small component. Don’t let your dentist put mercury amalgam fillings in your mouth.

What is dental amalgam

  Dental amalgam is made up of a combination of metals, including liquid mercury which is mixed with a powdered alloy (which is made up of silver, tin and copper) and placed in the area that contains the cavity. This then rapidly hardens into a solid filling1. It is not as expensive as other cavity restoration materials and is quite durable, being able to withstand the constant force of chewing, causing it to last for a long time8. Despite the advantages, amalgam fillings present, there are harmful effects of mercury amalgam that cannot be overlooked. This mainly comprises of the inhalation of mercury amalgam. So, what happens if you inhale mercury? See below for some answers.

Harmful effects of mercury amalgam

Amalgam mercury poisoning symptoms

   Mercury fillings side effects can literally be hazardous to your health, even going so far as killing you slowly. In the following article I will list some of the most insidious and dangerous side effects so that you can endeavour to watch for the signs and symptoms of various conditions that may be due to amalgam mercury fillings. Click here to read my article.

What authorities have to say about it

   The Australian Dental Association states:

“Health experts and institutions world-wide support the use of amalgam fillings.2

Amalgam fillings safety


But the World Health Organization (WHO) says

“There is no safe level of mercury”. That means that absolutely no level of mercury is safe5.

Amalgam mercury poisoning symptoms

   This support for the use of amalgam is starting to erode as more and more people wake up to the dangers of it. The American Dental Association, for previous 150 years, has insisted that the “mercury in amalgam is safe and does not leak.” They have been persistent in arguing that there are no adverse effects on the health of people and that the mercury contained within amalgam does not leak. However, there have been no clinical studies to confirm this3.

amalgam fillings mercury poisoning symptoms

   In spite of this, further studies have been conducted in the United States and they have shown this claim of mercury not leaking from amalgam fillings to be not true. Legislation has been introduced in 6 states in the United States whereby informed consent brochures must be given to every patient that comes to a dental office, prior to the dental restoration being carried out4.

Many countries have recognised the dangers…..

   The lack of concern on the issue of Amalgam by some European authorities is quite significant but other countries have realised the importance of this issue. Legislation has been introduced by Sweden, Norway and Denmark which puts a ban on the use of mercury amalgam3.

   Scandinavian countries also decided to take action in 2008 and ban dentists from using amalgam fillings for health and environmental reasons6.

Why do some countries still endorse it while others condemn it?

   Why do some developed countries, such as Australia and the United States, still support the use of amalgam, while the World Health Organisation and some other countries, condemn it?

amalgam mercury poisoning

   We can only speculate the reasons they still endorse it, despite there being countless research studies verifying the negative/fatal effects of mercury. The European Commission made a statement during the program, “What’s in your mouth?”, which is as follows:

“The largest source of mercury exposure for most people in developed countries is inhalation of mercury vapor from dental amalgam.3

   Because everyone is trying to save money these days, the reasons would most likely involve the fact that amalgam mercury fillings are rather inexpensive and are also longer lasting then opposing materials7.

My story

   When I read that book telling me that fluoride was bad for you, I can also remember it telling me amalgam mercury poisoning symptomsamalgam was even worse. Therefore, when I needed my fillings, I pushed for a non amalgam solution. This was fillings that were made up of composite resin. I had read so much about the mercury that is leaked from amalgam mercury fillings and I didn’t want to expose myself to that lethal substance.

Disadvantages of composite resin fillings

   Composite resin fillings have a few disadvantages, but I much prefer them then the alternative of having amalgam fillings due to the liquid mercury that is contained within amalgam fillings. You can read more on my post on amalgam fillings vs composite resin fillings. This contains the disadvantages of composite resin fillings and can be read here.

If you are interested, click here to read more on the truth regarding amalgam fillings.


   Amalgam fillings are one solution for the problem of tooth decay but there is still the issue of mercury poisoning toxicity from mercury amalgam fillings. I now have some composite resin fillings instead of the toxic, mercury amalgam fillings and regularly consume some fish oil capsules that prevents needing further fillings. I would of loved to find out this information regarding these fish oil capsules before I needed my fillings, as if I did, I wouldn’t have needed them. I hate having composite resin fillings and if I can help someone else avoid getting some, I will gladly do so. If this interests you, I have written a review of these fish oil capsules, with a link just below.


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