How to Fix Tooth Decay on a Vegetarian Diet

Ways to Fix Tooth Decay when you are on a Vegetarian Diet

   It is possible to increase your dental health immensely as a vegetarian by learning how to fix tooth decay of a vegetarian diet. People become vegetarians for a number of reasons, such as religious purposes or the don’t want to contribute to the killing of helpless animals.

   The diet of a vegetarian is reliant on the minerals obtained from eating vegetables. The success of the vegetarian diet will depend partially on the quality and how fresh the vegetables are that you use. Another factor that will lead to the success or failure of this diet is the quality of the dairy products that are consumed as additional vitamins are obtained by consuming dairy products. Consequently, the higher the quality of the dairy products that are used, the greater your chances of success with this diet1.


Following are some guidelines for the vegetarian diet

Daily food intake

  • Firstly, 2-4 cups of whole fat dairy that is raw, which can come in the form of milk, yoghurt, buttermilk, kefir, whey or clabber. 60 grams of cheese can be used in place of every cup of dairy.
  • 60 to 115 grams of raw cheese.
  • 1-4 raw, soft-boiled or fully cooked eggs per day.
  • Plenty of vegetables, either cooked or in vegetable soup.
  • Foods that are high in vitamin C, such as bell peppers, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, mustard greens, kohlrabi, sauerkraut, adrenal glands and liver.
  • Ample amounts of butter or ghee with every meal.
  • You need to eat something that is fermented such as yoghurt, sauerkraut or kefir.
  • Consuming seaweed is optional1.

   Primarily, you want to focus on consuming vegetables in concentrated sources for the base of your diet. The best way to obtain these is by cooked vegetables or vegetable soups. how to fix tooth decay on a vegetarian dietIf the principles are known for avoiding the plant toxins that are created from juicing vegetables, this method can also be used to obtain vegetable minerals. You will also need to make sure that every meal includes some form of protein in this diet1.

   Cheese has a high quality protein component and is concentrated in the minerals calcium and phosphorous. When using cheese you need to ensure that it is produced by grass fed animals, not grain fed1.

   Grains must be used with great caution in this diet. They need to be phytate free. Phytic acid reduces the amount that minerals are able to be absorbed by adults. It mainly effects the degree of iron that is able to be absorbed2. You can read more about phytic acid here.

   Natural yoghurt can also be added to the diet.

how to fix tooth decay on a vegetarian diet

   If: These guidelines don’t provide enough minerals to you, or you end up getting some decay in your teeth,

   Then: You should consider adding some Fermented cod liver oil to your diet in order to access the missing vitamins and minerals. I have written a review of this fermented cod liver oil which can be accessed by following the link below.

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How to fix tooth decay on a vegetarian diet


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