How to Heal Tooth Decay Naturally

Reversing Tooth Decay, is it Possible?

   If you want to know how to heal tooth decay naturally, I might be able to help you by telling you what I do. I try to eat a reasonably healthy diet but I am still prone to eating sweet things occasionally….

   These sweets previously mentioned are not in large quantities, for example, I might occasionally eat a chocolate biscuit or two, but not a whole packet. I take the fish oil which helps with how I reverse tooth decay and I have also changed my diet a little.

butter-biscuits-1329768   I also eat steamed broccoli and raw carrots. You might be thinking that sounds rather disgusting, but they are actually quite nice, just try them. When preparing dinner, my wife cuts up things such as cucumber, celery, capsicum and tomato and puts it on the side of the plate. Consuming food items such as these in their natural state, is extremely good for you.


   The fish oil assists in obtaining good nutrition, and can also help ease a range of health complaints, in addition to helping with tooth decay. I told my father about it, and after he started taking it, his re-flux improved. These varied benefits are due to all the things that the fish oil provides that are missing from our diet. Some people might be missing certain vitamins more than others.

   That is why it is hard to say how it will help you. Every one is different, with different teeth, different diets and different factors effecting the health of their teeth. Therefore, it may not help you in the way I have claimed, but I am sure it will help you in some way due to all the benefits the fish oil provides. This is what has helped me cure tooth decay naturally, and it might help you too.


   What have you got to lose? A few dollars, but what can you gain? Being able to keep your teeth. You can always get more dollars, but once they are gone, you can get more fillings but you can’t get more original teeth.


  If you have some tooth decay you want to get rid of or want to just be as healthy as you can,


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How to heal tooth decay naturally