How to Reverse Tooth Decay With Diet

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To be used when the decay is quite severe

  I am going to describe a diet that can be used by people trying to heal tooth decay naturally when the decay is severe. This diet has been made with one thing in mind. all the items in it are the best of the best in regards to how rich the food is with nutrients and being able to remineralise your teeth at a very fast rate.

  A very common question that people ask is how to cure tooth decay naturally using diet? This post discusses how to reverse tooth decay with diet, which will show you how to heal tooth decay naturally without a dentist. This diet also allows you to maintain near optimal health1.

  These diet guidelines are just that, guidelines. These guidelines have been taken from Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel, but they will show you how to cure tooth decay naturally by showing you how to reverse tooth decay with diet. Feel free to add parts of this to your diet. This diet works best when all protein is as fresh as possible. The highest quality proteins are seafoods and meat products that are so fresh, they have not yet been frozen1.

  • 1/2 teaspoon of Green Pasture’s Blue Ice Royal Blend, taken 2-3 times daily, which equates to 7-10 capsules spread throughout the day.
  • 1/8 teaspoon of Blue Ice fermented skate liver oil taken 2-3 times daily.
  • How to reverse tooth decay with diet55 grams, at least 4 days per week of grass-fed liver. It is fine to have the liver cooked with        onions but raw is the preferred method of consumption.
  • 4-12 mussels, clams or oysters are to be consumed several times per week. Cooked is also acceptable but being consumed raw is preferred.
  • 2-8 cups of fermented dairy daily, for example, yoghurt, whey, clabber, buttermilk or kefir. 0-110 grams of raw cheese can be eaten, but the quantity is dependent on how much dairy is consumed. More dairy= less cheese and vice versa.
  • 1-2 tablespoons, several times weekly of raw cream.
  • 225 grams or higher must be consumed of proteins that come from wild or grass fed animals. These are to be eaten in a rare, raw or fermented state, which can be accomplished as a stew. You want to try and have the proteins consumed to be a mixture of land and sea animals.
  • 1-2 cups need to be consumed of fish head soup daily.
  • 2-4 soft boiled, raw eggs daily.
  • Fermented vegetables, follow this link to find out how to ferment your own vegetables so you don’t need to stick to, for instance, sauerkraut.
  • Cooked green, leafy vegetables. These can be eaten by themselves or in a vegetable soup or vegetable juice1.

   Additional things that can be eaten in this diet are:

  • Fish eggs.
  • Colostrum.
  • Lobsters and Crabs including there insides, which should be eaten cooked.
  • Yellow butter, produced in the spring or summer.
  • Animal blood.
  • Organ meats such as the brain, thyroid and adrenal. Some of the glands are best served raw but the brain is best consumed when it is cooked1.

  Dairy products, using this diet, should be the primary source of carbohydrates. If the question of how to heal tooth decay naturally when the decay is acute is not your primary purpose for being led to this diet and if your diet doesn’t have any low carb restrictions, you can add sourdough bread made from unbleached flour and sifted, freshly ground grains. These have the germ and bran removed. On the other hand, yams, sweet potatoes and other vegetables with roots. The ability for the body to digest these vegetables can be further enhanced by fermenting or souring them1.

  Another addition to the diet if you don’t have cavities, includes being able to eat a modest quantity of lacto-fermented drinks and alcohol that is homemade, but DO NOT have the following incorporated into them1:

  • Malted grains or yeasts that are made commercially, such as:
  • Apple cider that have been allowed to ferment
  • Sweet potato beer
  • Grapes that have been allowed to ferment
  • Mead that is homemade, also called honey wine1

  If you are trying to adhere to this diet, you can read the strict guidelines you must follow by clicking here.

  You have read my research and if you have tooth decay, I want to tell you about a special type of fish oil that I use to prevent and have also used it to reverse tooth decay. If this fish oil sounds of interest to you, I have written a review of it that can be accessed by following the link below.

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1 Ramiel Nagel, Cure Tooth Decay – Remineralize cavities and repair your teeth naturally with good food.

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