What is the cause of tooth decay?

Tooth decay and the cause

  To understand how to cure tooth decay, you must first understand what the cause of tooth decay is. Tooth decay is not caused by anything external, such as bacteria, but from internal factors. These factors are a lack of fat-soluble vitamins in your diet. Dr Weston Price conducted much research in the area of tooth decay and the dentist Melvin Page added the science of blood testing to the research of Weston Price.

   Dr Page displayed some vital research in the field of the cause of tooth decay. Using this, he showed how fluctuations in the bodies blood sugar level, can affect tooth decay. Dr Page concluded that the different types of sugar we consume, whether that be white sugar or even sugar from fruits, cause different fluctuations

   It is believed by Dr Page, that a precise ratio of Calcium to Phosphorous in the blood of 10:4 was required in order to make you immune to tooth decay problems1.


   Our bodies were wonderfully made with teeth that were created to last our entire lives but people took matters into their own hands by creating and eating foods that we were not made to eat. Foods like white flour, canned vegetables and refined sugar etc.


History of tooth decay…

   As illustrated in the book “Cure Tooth Decay”, Dr. Weston Price conducted several studies during the 1930s, of the diets of natives around the world. Included were the people of the Loetschental Valley, Switzerland, the people from the outer Hebrides, which are islands just off the coast of Scotland and the native Aborigines of Australia2. Many of these people had natural ways to reverse tooth decay, using diet.



  All of these people lived in harmony with nature. Their diets included:

   The people of the Loetschental Valley, Switzerland

  • Soured Rye bread
  • Fresh milk from cows or goats
  • Small portions of butter, vegetables and barley2.



   The people of the outer Hebrides

  • Fish (lobsters, crabs, oysters and clams were in abundant supply here)
  • An important part of their diet was baked cod’s head that was stuffed with oatmeal and chopped cod’s liver.
  • Oat products2.



The Aborigines of Australia

  • Plant foods (stems, berries, roots, leaves)
  • Tissues of large and small animals (kangaroos or wallabys and rodents, beetles or grubs)2.



   This is not a definitive list, but an example of some of the items from their diets and they were completely free of or had extremely small percentages effected by any decay and they didn’t use fluoride or have expensive dental procedures. This means they had no need for this product I am promoting as they had natural ways: reverse tooth decay. As you can see, it differs greatly from our modern diet of white flour, refined sugar and canned vegetables. What did their diets provide though compared with modern diets? I will use the Aborigines of Australia as an example:


  • 10 times the amount of fat-soluble vitamins then modern diets
  • 6.2 times the amount of phosphorus then modern diets
  • 4.6 times the amount of calcium then modern diets2


   The Aboriginal diet was a hunter, gatherer diet, and they had a complete immunity to decay on traditional foods and 70.9{95b459ce020e88b3fa09356acf64679c135468e6cf916e849db52db1e1f72a7f} living on modern diets are affected by tooth decay2.



   I think this paints a stark picture of the saying, ‘one step forwards and two steps backwards’. As we get more advanced medicine, more advanced technology and more advanced production and storing methods, the nutritional content of the food appears to be declining.

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2 Ramiel Nagel, Cure Tooth Decay – Remineralize cavities and repair your teeth naturally with good food.




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