Tooth Decay Health Problems

Tooth Decay: Unique Problems

  Tooth decay can be the cause of many problems with ones health. Studies have been done that show links between people not looking after their teeth or their dental health and acquiring catastrophic, prolonged diseases1.

What happened to me……

  I would like to tell you about some of the problems I have, following the decay and fillings needed to get in my teeth. I am not sure if you have read my ‘about me’ page as to why I needed fillings but basically, I used to believe everything I was told and I read that fluoride was bad for you. I just swallowed it and stopped all fluoride in my diet, such as toothpastes etc, without actually replacing it with something else to stop decay.


  I ended up getting some decay as I had nothing to stop the it and needed to get some fillings. I did a lot of research and really didn’t want to get amalgam fillings, due to the slow, gradual mercury leak from them. Just think about that, when they get put in your teeth, the dentist has to put on a heap of protective gear, and you are actually putting that filling in your mouth. No thankyou!! I chose to go with composite resin fillings instead.

Further problems with composite resin fillings

  The problems I have now is that when you get composite resin fillings put in, the dentist needs to scratch the surface of the tooth to get the fillings to stick to your teeth. I know this as the dentist told me before they put them in.

  They also wear down over time and you will need to get them replaced when they do so. That means, more scratching of your teeth and I am not sure how much of my original tooth, or teeth (I needed 2 fillings) is left to keep scratching it. I have the fillings in my molars, so I try to chew a lot of my food with teeth other then my side molars and also try to cut it up well with a knife before I put it in my mouth. It is alright like this and will help prolong the life of my fillings.

knife cutting veges

  I didn’t know all this initially, and I needed to get new fillings within several years as I would chew all manner of hard food items, but now I am aware of this, I am more careful with what I put in my mouth and hopefully I can help you be a bit more careful too.

What really causes tooth decay

  Contrary to popular belief, tooth decay is not caused by acids or having food particles stuck on your teeth. It is actually caused by a lack of vitamins and minerals in your body. When you are not getting them from your diet, your body just pulls them from your teeth, causing decay. For instance, take the Aborigines of Australia. They had a diet that was rich in the required fat soluble vitamins and minerals required to prevent decay. As their diet contained everything their teeth needed, their bodies didn’t have to remove anything from their teeth meaning they had perfect teeth. As soon as England came to Australia, they tried to push their diets onto the Aborigines and their perfect teeth began to degrade2.

what are the causes of tooth decay

  Another problem that I have is that over time, composite resin fillings shrink. This will create a gap between the fillings and your tooth. I couldn’t understand how I was getting decay even though I had decided that fluoride wasn’t bad anymore, and began brushing my teeth with fluoride toothpaste again. If food particles on my teeth caused decay, then having the fillings should of prevented food getting anywhere near my teeth. As I just mentioned but, decay is a lack of vitamins in your teeth, so it wouldn’t matter if food was getting stuck on your teeth or not. If your diet was providing what your teeth need, you will get decay if you have composite resin fillings2.

  The only solution is to change your diet, which requires a pretty major shift of the foods you eat. If that interests you, there is a link on my review page accessed on the floating menu on the right hand side of this page to buy the book Cure Tooth Decay. This book has an exhaustive description about tooth decay and things relating to it, including a diet that will prevent it.

  However, it you are like me, this diet is too much of a radical shift and I take a special type of fish oil instead of changing my diet. I still try to not eat a mountain of the food that is not helpful to decay, such as wheat, but I try to definitely reduce it. This fish oil is extremely good for you and contains the special fat soluble vitamins that I described earlier, that the Aborigines of Australia had in their diet. I take this fish oil regularly to reverse any decay that has formed behind my fillings, before it has a chance to eat holes in my teeth. You can reverse decay but how to regrow dentin, or the white bone your teeth are made from, has not been discovered yet. Therefore, I like to look at it like I am stopping decay in it’s tracks before it has a chance to do any lasting damage2.



  If this fish oil interests you and you either have a similar problem to me or are concerned about it happening to you, using the link below, you can read a review I have written about this fish oil. It is not cheap, but you can’t really put a price on good health.

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2 Ramiel Nagel. Cure Tooth Decay – Remineralize cavities and repair your teeth naturally with good food

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