Wondering if this Fish Oil will Help you?

Tooth Decay Reversed Using Fish Oil

   If you are wondering about whether the fish oil and things I have described will help you in the way I have described, I have just one thing to say to you, “What have you got to lose?”.

   You might need to spend a few dollars to buy them, but as compared with what you have to gain, maybe being able to keep your own teeth. I know what option I would chose if I had my time again, it is so much better having your natural teeth. Having artificial teeth or fillings can never replace having healthy, natural teeth in good condition, there is just no comparison!

   I am not saying to stop all fluoride unless you have something else to prevent tooth decay. I am just suggesting some changes to your diet and adding this fish oil might help you. I just know that this reverses decay for me, when I combine it with my changed diet.


You have read my experiences and you have tooth decay.

Start impoving your teeth and your health today!


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